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Javier Amezcua

Sailing Director – This will be Javier's third season at HYC…

Christina Livaccari

Head Instructor – This will be Christina's third season instructing at…

Brendan Boyle

Race Coach – This will be Brendan's sixth season at HYC and returning…

Anna Castellitto

Sailing Instructor – This will be Anna's third year season at HYC.

Iain Macintyre

Sailing Instructor – This will be Iain's second season instructing at…

Connor Robinson

Sailing Instructor – This will be Connor's second season instructing…

Katrina Ronan

Sailing Instructor – This will be Katrina's second season instructing…

Alejandro Amezcua

Sailing Instructor – This will be Alejandro's first season instructing…

Andrew Cipriani

Sailing Instructor – This will be Andrew's first season instructing at…

Moi Reyes

Admin – This will be Moi's first season as Jr. Sailing Admin at HYC.

Iris Vogel

Committee - Co-Chair

Michael Cassidy

Committee - Co-Chair

Iris Vogel

HYC Jr. Sailing Committee - Co-Chair

Iris is one of the Co-Chairs of the HYC Junior Sailing Program. In a "typical year," Iris races sailboats 12 months of the year.  Iris actively campaigns her J-88 Deviation from April thru October on Long Island Sound. She hosts Jr. Sailors, 14 y.o. and older, in the Youth Challenge Series all summer.

She also competes in occasional regattas Charleston, SC, Block Island, Newport, Lake Ontario, Chicago, Key West, St. Petersburg, etc., throughout the year. Iris then races a Laser Radial in Huguenot's frostbite program from November to the end of March.

The Jr. Sailing Program wouldn't be what it is today without Iris.