Staff members

Javier Amezcua

Sailing Director – This will be Javier's third season at HYC…

Christina Livaccari

Head Instructor – This will be Christina's third season instructing at…

Brendan Boyle

Race Coach – This will be Brendan's sixth season at HYC and returning…

Anna Castellitto

Sailing Instructor – This will be Anna's third year season at HYC.

Iain Macintyre

Sailing Instructor – This will be Iain's second season instructing at…

Connor Robinson

Sailing Instructor – This will be Connor's second season instructing…

Katrina Ronan

Sailing Instructor – This will be Katrina's second season instructing…

Alejandro Amezcua

Sailing Instructor – This will be Alejandro's first season instructing…

Andrew Cipriani

Sailing Instructor – This will be Andrew's first season instructing at…

Moi Reyes

Admin – This will be Moi's first season as Jr. Sailing Admin at HYC.

Iris Vogel

Committee - Co-Chair

Michael Cassidy

Committee - Co-Chair

Anna Castellitto

Sailing Instructor

Hi, my name is Anna. I’m 19 years old. I live in New Rochelle, NY, and graduated from New Rochelle High School. I haven’t yet chosen which college I’m attending, but I’m interested in becoming a criminal defense attorney. My favorite color is blue, and my favorite food is tacos. My favorite boat to sail is a 420, and I just recently started sailing them. I have been playing piano since I was 4 and love practicing in my free time. I also love playing tennis with my friends. This will be my third season instructing at HYC, and I’m so excited for this upcoming summer.