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Program Registration Update
Intro To Sailing ... open
Race Clinic ... open
Summer Session 1 ... open
Summer Session 2   open
(as of January 1, 2022)    

Online Registration

Thank you for visiting.  Online Registration is still open.

Please browse the rest of our website and contact us if you have any questions.

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2022 Registration

Registration is required with both the Junior Sailing Association (JSA) and Huguenot Yacht Club (HYC) to confirm your enrollment in the 2022 Summer Program.

Our program accepts children between 8 and 16 years old; their age as of December 31, 2022, shall be considered his/her age for this year's program. Basic swimming skills are a requirement. Each child will be given a swim test at the beginning of each session.

For the 2022 Season, we are using Club Spot for registration; it is integrated with the JSA and should streamline the registration where possible.

REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS: please read before clicking on the links below; you may need the following personal information about the jr. sailor:

• birthday, weight, sex, medical conditions, allergies, etc. 
• school name - upcoming next fall 
• sail number - put "TBD" if unknown 
• club name - click on "Huguenot Yacht Club." 
• boat name - this is optional 
• Parent/Gradian: name, email, and mobile 
• Secondary Parent/Guardian: name, email. and mobile 
• Emergency Contact(s): name, email, mobile, and relation to jr. sailor 
• Medical & Insurance Information 
• Home Address of Jr. Sailor

TO START - Click on the Club Spot Registration Page Link; this will open a new window.

Club Spot REGISTRATION Page Link

□ Step 1:

□ a. Select participant or New Participant (enter first and last name)
□ b. Select Member (enter member number) or Non-Member
□ c. Go to Next Step


□ Step 2a:  Select Class, based on experience, skill level, and type of boat

Beginner OptimistIntermediate OptimistAdvanced OptimistRS Feva, or Laser Radial. See the description of each class, please ask if you are uncertain.


□ Step 2b:  Select your sessions:  Intro to SailingRace ClinicSession 1, and/or Session 2

Intro to Sailing is not a prerequisite for beginners: a beginner can start in Session 1 and continue to Session 2, or wait and begin in Session2.
Racing Clinic is for experienced sailors.

click on < Registration to go back to make changes.

□ Step 3:  Register with the JSA of LIS

□ a. Past participants only need to verify or update any information held on file at the JSA: proceed to Step 5.
□ b. sailors that are not members need to click join where indicated.

click on < Order Summary to go back to make changes.


□ Step 4:  Join a new sailor to JSA of LIS.Step 4

□ a. Click on + start a new membership
□ b. Select Sailor as the category
□ c. Choose Standard as plan
□ d. Enter Basic Details: First and Last Name, nickname, email, mobile number, birthday, gender, sailor weight, and school name (upcoming in the fall)
□ e. Enter Member Club: select Huguenot Yacht Club from the list
□ f. Upload photo (optional) and enter a home address.
□ g. Enter Medical Details: Primary Care Physician, PCP Phone Number, and any medical conditions – enter “none” if there are no medical conditions that are significant for emergencies.
□ h. Enter Insurance Details: Insurance Provider, Policy Number, Group Number, Primary Insurance Holder (name)
□ i. Enter Parent or Guarding Information (completing the form)
□ j. Enter Secondary Parent or Guardian
□ k. Enter Primary Emergency Contact information
□ l. Enter Secondary Emergency Contact information
□ m. Enter Boat information: use TBD if you don’t know the sail number
□ n. Register with the JSA; they will send you an email with a Waiver & Medical Release Form.  Read the waiver thoroughly, check the three boxes, and digitally sign. You will receive a confirmation.

□ Step 5:  Enter the Name or Email of Participant in JSA of LIS Box. The JSA will verify by sending a code to your Step 5phone or email. Enter Verification Code and proceed to Next Step

□ Step 6:  Participant Information

□ a. Verify Basic Information
□ b. Verify Address
□ c. Additional Information

□ Do you own or need to charter a boat?
□ Each family needs to pay $100 dues for the JSA of LIS
□ T-shirt size of the sailor (child sizes)
□ Indicate if Early Drop-Off or Late Pick-Up is desired. 

□ d. Additional medical information
□ e. Verify Insurance
□ f. Verify Emergency Contact Information
□ g. Verify Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s) information
□ h. Add additional Contact Information
Proceed to the Next Step


□ Step 7:  ( Final Step ! )

            50% payment (before discount) is due to confirm your registration.

            Payment options are Amex, Credit/Debit Card, and Bank Transfer (ACH)


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