Regatta FAQ's

Does everyone have to race?

No. Every junior sailor can choose whether they want to race or sail recreationally. For some junior sailors, the competition of racing is a lot of fun; for others, this is not the case. Some classes race regularly because it is a way to learn to sail no matter where one finishes. You can compare it to driving a car in an empty parking lot compared to driving on city streets. You can learn some skills in the parking lot, but eventually, you will need to learn the rules of the road and how to turn at particular places. Sailboat racing requires planning a course and maneuvering to and around particular points while taking other boats into account.

Basically, what should I know about racing and regattas for my junior sailor?

  • Boat Transportation – The Huguenot Junior sailing program assumes no liability for damage that occurs to a member’s boat while being transported to a regatta. Repair of incidental damage is the responsibility of the owner.


  • Class Schedules on Regatta Days – When the Laser Radial, Feva, or Racing Opti classes are attending a regatta, a class is held for those who choose not to attend the event may not have their regular coach. Intermediate, Beginner, and Adventure classes will meet as scheduled.


  • No lessons are held on the day of the Huguenot Invitational or the Huguenot Feva-Opti-Radial JSA home regattas, except for the beginner Green Fleet sailors who will have their regattas on different days.


  • Who can enter? – Typically, the Sailing Instructor will evaluate the sailors' ability and skill level for a particular regatta. Our Sailing Director and Instructors are always available to discuss your child’s sailing progress and any other concerns you may have.


  • Regatta Entry  –   Regatta entry sheets are distributed by the Sailing Instructors before a regatta must be completed and returned promptly to the instructor.  For most regattas, the HYC Jr. Sailing Admin will enter the sailors via the ClubSpot network.


  • Regatta Fees – Sailors are responsible for paying the entry fees for regattas in which they participate. For a two-person boat, the entry fee is generally shared by the skipper and crew. The fee will be paid by the program and billed to the sailor’s account.


  • Regatta Expenses – Any additional expenses incurred by sailors at regattas (i.e., lunch, transportation, private charter ) will be billed to the member directly.


  • Cancellation Policies for Sailing Regattas – Any questions concerning the cancellation of a Regatta due to inclement weather, please call the Junior Sailing Office (914) xxx-xxxx or HYC Jr Sailing Admin at e-mail


  • In case of emergency – when your sailor signed up with the JSALIS, they collected contact information.  During the regatta, the host yacht club will have access to that information:  besides, the sailing instructor, the parent, guardian, and/or emergency contact will be contacted.  Safety is taken seriously at JSA events.

Is Is there a way I can find out what other sailors are racing in the same regatta?

A day or so before the regatta, the Admin will send an email to each parent with the following:

  • name of the Instructor, 
  • the sailors that are entered,
  • the parents of the sailors*,
  • the name of the regatta and the address of the host club,
  • what time the sailors need to be there to rig their boats,
  • the approximate time they expect the regatta to be over, and
  • the regatta webpage.

This will be a group email between parents of the participating sailors, the instructor. This can be used to organize transportation and communicate during any unusual circumstances that may arise.

* On the list, parents with more regatta experience will be indicated; they can best help mentor and indoctrinate the newbies on the logistics and what to expect; it can be quite daunting. The new families will learn the ropes,  their responsibilities, and the many tricks they have learned to make it look easy seemingly.  In time you will pass on this magic and lore of the process to future families from your experience.

What about the Weather?

Regattas are held on scheduled days. On no wind or stormy days, Jr Sailors will may be postponed ashore until the conditions are more favorable. On sweltering days, please send enough water and a reusable water bottle to be refilled throughout the day. Please be sure to check the weather daily and send any clothing or gear items you sailor may need. We do go sailing in the rain.

Is there anything special the sailor should bring for the day?

The following safety equipment is mandatory for all sailors participating in the Huguenot YC Junior Sailing Program: 

  • a USCG-approved life vest with an attached whistle, 
  • sunblock, 
  • hat, 
  • water bottle, 
  • sunglasses
  • closed-toe shoes,
  • appropriate clothing for the weather.

All boats and sailing equipment must pass a safety check-in before they can be used in the regatta, the same checklist that we use when the boats are checked in before the program.

What should the sailor do if they are not feeling well the day of the regatta, and can't sail?


Who should the parent contact if their need to get in touch with their child during the regatta?


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