What's a day like?

Apr 28, 2020 -- Posted by : Admin

What-is-a-day-like.pngEvery day is the same but different. 


What is the same?  

every day finding friends | sailing | satisfying lunches enjoyed at our picnic table area | swimming | getting wet | capsizing | having fun |  Wedge Thursday | Pizza Friday | ice cream truck at 4

What is different? 

going to regattas | making new friends | interesting field trips  | playing in the park | Big Boat Day | Treasure Hunts | Whacky Wednesdays | Shark Week | Crazy Hat Day | Halloween in July | International Day | Trash Boat Day | running with a watermelon | knot tying contests | No-Wind-Day activities | end of Session Celebration | end of program Celebration and Awards

One of the club members said this of Junior Sailing:  "I can always tell when the Junior Sailing Program starts:  the kids show up a 9 am, they start running all over the place, they are sailing, they are swimming, they seem to be everywhere at once, it's all exhilarating... the Club feels so lonely and quiet in August when its all over."  

Every week or so during the program, The Telltale is distributed to the families.  It'll give you a good idea of the different activities that happen during the summer. Older copies of The Telltale can be found on the Media Page.  


More About Our Program


The mission of HYC is to promote proficiency in the management of boats, seamanship, and sociability. With this in mind, HYC…

What's a day like?

Everyday is the same but different.  What is the same?  What is different?

PARENT HANDBOOK: Guidelines & Rules

The parent handbook contains important and helpful information, general guidelines, and rules.


HYC Junior Sailing is a small program with a high percentage of instructors to sailors. We realize each sailor is unique and…

Boats in Our Program

A brief description of the boats in our program.

Turnkey Program

HYC JS is proud to offer winter storage for JS Optis or Lasers, for both members and non-members.

JSALIS_Marguee.pngJSA of LIS


RS-Feva.pngRS Feva

Laser Marquee.pngLaser

Lisot Marquee.pngLISOT

HYC Lasers Marquee.pngLaser Frostbite



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