Optimist Dinghy

Apr 28, 2020 -- Posted by : Bill

We offer a limited number of Optis for charter and help put you in touch with third parties offering private charters and local sales dealers.  All privately owned and chartered boats must be checked-in and inspected before use.  


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Beginner and younger sailors typically start in an Optimist dinghy, the largest youth sailing class globally. The "Opti” is safe, stable, and easy to rig. Each child will sail his or her own boat. Intermediate and advanced Opti sailors can compete in regattas at HYC and other yacht clubs if they wish.  More details below. 

The Optimist is the largest junior racing fleet in the world and the international standard in junior instruction. The boat’s simplicity and stability make it ideal for teaching young beginners, while the Optimist class's popularity makes the boat extremely challenging for pre-teen racers. HYC owns a fleet of 16 Optimists to use for the summer program. Most racers who travel bring privately owned boats for practice and racing.

A skipper can race Optimists until December 31st in the year they turn 15. On December 31st of that year, they age out of Optimists and can no longer race the boat. Optimist racing events are typically divided into fleets to promote participation across a wide range of skill levels and ages.

Green fleet is a special fleet for beginners. Green fleeters can be any age up to 15. A green fleet might have skippers who are as young as 6 and as old as 15, but sooner or later, they’ll move into either the red, white, or blue fleet, depending on their age. Green fleet typically sails relatively close to shore and on short courses. Sailors may be coached at any time, including during a race.

Skippers who are 10 or under sail in the white fleet. Skippers who are 11 and 12 sail in the blue fleet. Skippers who are 13, 14, or 15 sail in the red fleet. In all fleets, the determining date is the skipper’s age on the regatta's first day. Skippers move up to blue fleet on their 11th birthday and red fleet on their 13th birthday. At most regattas, the red, blue, and white fleets all start simultaneously and race on the same course. Coaching for the red/white/blue fleets is permissible before and after, but not during individual races. Coaches can observe the racing from designated areas and provide feedback to the sailors after observing the race(s).

For more info, visit the class website, www.USODA.org.


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