Big Boat Program

Apr 28, 2020 -- Posted by : Bill

Huguenot Yacht Club's Jr. Big Boat Program is for the older kids (ages 14-16.) This program is designed to introduce the many different aspects of big boat sailing and racing, extending experience beyond traditional dinghy sailing.

This program is open to sailors currently enrolled in the HYC Junior Sailing Program. The flexible practice schedule is adjusted to prevent conflicts with JSA events and clinics.

This is an opportunity for teens 14-16 to sail with an instructor, or coach, on 26-40 foot well-outfitted sailboats and is structured around the use of a volunteered big boat lent for use to the junior sailors by a club member, owner, or volunteer who receives no compensation for the use of the boat or its equipment.

By participating in the program, new sailors will learn the ropes on a big boat platform – or experienced junior sailors can apply their small boat sailing skills to a new challenge.

This program highlights fun, social activity, and teamwork. With these skills, teens can be a valuable and productive crew on cruising boats and club racers. This program offers an introduction to Big Boat sailing through a framework of skills designed to provide teens with the resources to participate in overnight cruises, weekend or evening race series, and distance races.

This program is a stepping stone to the YRA on Long Island Sound's Youth Challenge Cup Program for young sailors between 14 and 23.  They will have the opportunity to compete against some of the best sailors on Long Island Sound and the World. 



The program's scope is such that we may not be able to use the same boat for every practice session or event.  Thus the following is a list of the possible boats that may be used on a case by case basis:

Deviation J/88, Peregrina J/105, Zig Zag J/109 & Soulmates (Goetz Custom 40)


Boats in Our Program

Optimist Dinghy

A more detailed description of the Opti.

RS Feva

A more detailed description of the RS Feva

Laser Radial / ILCA 6

A bit more detailed information about the Laser Radial / ILCA 6

Club 420

A bit more detailed information about the Club 420


A brief description of the Sonar in our program.

Big Boat Program

A brief description of the big boat program in our club.

JSALIS_Marguee.pngJSA of LIS


RS-Feva.pngRS Feva

Laser Marquee.pngLaser

Lisot Marquee.pngLISOT

HYC Lasers Marquee.pngLaser Frostbite



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