"To young people contemplating a voyage, I would say go." – Joshua Slocum

Introducing – JS Winter sessions
Fundamental Advanced Sailing Topics

Winter 2021-2022, HYC Jr Sailing will be providing Advanced Sailing and Seamanship Seminars – five Thursday Evening seminars on a wide range of subjects, one day a month from December through April.Click Here for more details.


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We invite you who would take to the sea to the waters of Long Island Sound, by joining the Huguenot Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program this coming Summer.  

• Our program teaches sailing to children ages 8-16 in a safe, caring, and fun environment.

• From beginners to more advanced sailors, children learn to rig and sail their boats via instructional and hands-on training. 

• Children are coached daily in seamanship, on-the-water safety, and racing PLUS they enjoy organized games, picnic lunches, and a supervised free swim each afternoon in the Club’s pool.

• Learning to sail is an excellent way for children to become self-reliant, learn a life-long sport, and make lasting friendships and memories. 


Explore this site:

• Learn more about Our program, what a day is like, the curriculum, and the boats that we use.

• Go to Registration, prerequisites, and associated fees.

• Program Schedule, Regatta Schedules, Special Events, and Lunch Menu 

• Learn about what we are doing to keep our sailors safe and healthy.

• Find documents, see Jr. Sailing pictures, and watch Jr. Sailing videos

• NEW for 2021 - BSA Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge program


Course Dates 2022
  Length Start End
Intro to Sailing 3 days Jun 28 Jun 30
Racing Clinic 4 days Jun 27 Jun 30
Summer Session 1 3 weeks Jul 5 Jul 23
Summer Session 2 3 weeks Jul 25 Aug 12
Private Boat Check-In 3 days Jun 22 Jun 30

*closed July 4th and 5th
**pre-registration required per session

Program Registration Update
Intro To Sailing 10 6 available, 0 waitlist
Race Clinic 7 9 available, 0 waitlist
Summer Session 1 46 closed enrollment
Summer Session 2 43 closed enrollment
Spring Sailing 6 4 available, 0 waitlist
(as of June 10, 2021)    

About Huguenot Junior Sailing Program



We believe our instructors are some of the best:  all are US Sailing Association Level 1 or Level 2 Certified.  All have gone through a similar sailing program like the one at Huguenot Yacht Club and know what it's like to be a junior sailor.  As instructors and coaches, they chose to stick around to pass on their love of sailing as a skill and a sport and share what and how they learned in the process.  They know that learning to sail is a great way to become self-reliant, make friends, and form life-long memories – that's what they will offer you. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, our high instructor-to-student ratio ensures that you will receive the best instruction and enjoy a sailing experience that is second to none.

Javier Amezcua

Sailing Director – This will be Javier's third season at HYC instructing and returning as Sailing Director

Christina Livaccari

Head Instructor – This will be Christina's third season instructing at HYC and first as Head Instructor.

Brendan Boyle

Race Coach – This will be Brendan's sixth season at HYC and returning as Race Coach

Anna Castellitto

Sailing Instructor – This will be Anna's third year season at HYC.

Iain Macintyre

Sailing Instructor – This will be Iain's second season instructing at HYC.

Connor Robinson

Sailing Instructor – This will be Connor's second season instructing at HYC.

Katrina Ronan

Sailing Instructor – This will be Katrina's second season instructing at HYC.

Alejandro Amezcua

Sailing Instructor – This will be Alejandro's first season instructing at HYC.

Andrew Cipriani

Sailing Instructor – This will be Andrew's first season instructing at HYC.

Moi Reyes

Admin – This will be Moi's first season as Jr. Sailing Admin at HYC.

Iris Vogel

Committee - Co-Chair

Michael Cassidy

Committee - Co-Chair

Huguenot Yacht Club


Jr Sailing Contact

•   jrsailing@huguenotyc.com
•   914-636-3048 (Junior Office)
•   VHF Monitored:  63A

Huguenot Yacht Club

•  Harbor Lane West 
   New Rochelle, NY 10805 
   (driving directions)
•  Lat / Lon: N 40° 53.340' / W 073° 47.060' 
•  VHF Monitored: 73 
•  Phone: (914) 636-6300 
•  Fax: (914) 636-0146 
•  Club Senior Website: huguenotyc.com

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