Small Boat Sailing

May 22, 2021 -- Posted by : Bill

BSA Small-Boat Sailing Merit Badge

• Ages:  10-18

• Prerequisite:  Swimming Merit Badge, evidence of passing BSA Swimmer Test, or have taken one of the Huguenot Junior Sailing or JSA-LIS courses. 

This fun activity is to meet and fulfill the Small-Boat Sailing merit badge requirements.  Note, there are some items not taught during our summer program that we will discuss and practice. This activity will review prevention, symptoms, and first-aid treatment, discuss the BSA Safety Afloat policy, and much more.  This activity may be taken in conjunction with one of our sailing courses or can be done independently.  This activity can be done solo, in a group, all at once, or piecemeal.

A BSA-certified merit badge counselor and at least one other qualified adult will be needed to conduct this activity.

Please browse the rest of the page and contact us if you have any questions.


Review and be familiar with the Workbook; it is not required to be filled out.  Much like the pirate code, it is more of what you'd call "guidelines" than actual requirements.  In other words, if it says "discuss", "show", "tell", "explain", "demonstrate", "identify",  that is what you must do.


Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge Documents


Small Boat Sailing Pages

SBS Reference Page – 1

1.a Hazards While Sailing, 1.b Sailing First Aid, 1.c and 4.a Safety Afloat, 3.Boat Diagrams, and 4.b Rules of the Road

SBS Reference Page – 2

4.c Weather Conditions and Sailing, 4.d Weather Warnings, 4.e Float Plan, 4.f Warm and Cold weather sailing gear, 5.…

SBS Reference Page – 3

7.a Knots 7.b Heaving, Coiling and Faking a Line, 7.c Kinds of lines, braids, and materials, 8. Boat maintenance, 9.…